GIRL DOG:  Feature Film


Based on a true story, this dromedy feature portrays a college coed who ends destructive family patterns when her mother, struggling with a dark personal history, decides to become her college roomate.                                               

In pre-production and seeking completion funds.




HOW CANCER GAVE ME 20/20 VISION:  Documentary


This documentary feature film tracks four women's cancer journeys through their recovery.  Watch the unfolding of my personal cancer journey and three other women's "wake up calls" and the unlikely ways we overcame adversity only to become much better versions of ourselves. 

In production, seeking financing.





An adaption of the novel by my mother, Ksenija Djordjevic, this dramatic feature tells the true family saga of a marriage between an Eastern Orthodox man and a Jewish woman, my grandparents, in the small town of Novi Sad, Serbia during WWII.  With the wisdom of a child, the story is told from their five year old daughter's perspective. 


In development.